Tupperware Fundraisers

Did you know that Tupperware has an awesome fundraising program! Your group, school, organization or family in need can earn 40% profit from our fundraiser program.  Tupperware has a separate fundraising brochure with exclusive products and colors customers can shop from.

We can do in person, catalog and even online fundraising. Please contact me today for more information or to set up your fundraiser.

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

Top 10 Reasons Why A Tupperware Fundraiser Is A Good Choice

10. Everyone knows Tupperware. Our products practically sells itself.

9. Tupperware Fundraisers have a no-hassle payment process. All the orders are paid up front.
8. No inventory for you to count, distribute or return.
7. We provide all or part of the materials at no cost to your group!
6. NEW Fundraising catalog with over 80 wonderful products, many exclusive to the fundraising catalog!
5. This is an incredible and profitable exclusive fundraising program as 40% goes to your organization.
4. The average order with a Tupperware Fundraiser is $40.00 = $16 profit per order!
3. Our product does not spoil, cannot be eaten and will not melt!
2. Tupperware products carry a limited lifetime warranty.
1. A Tupperware Fundraiser is hassle-free. We’ll do all the prep & follow up work –
you just collect the orders then leave the rest up to us!

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