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Why Book A Tupperware Party?

Why would you want to host a Tupperware party? To spend time with your friends and earn your Tupperware wishlist for Free and half-off products! 

What do I receive?

As a hostess you receive a percentage of your sales in your choice of free Tupperware, along with a free thank you gift just for booking your party with me, and when you reach $175 you receive a free gift and when you hit $275 and up, you start receiving 10% of your sales.

Date A Tupperware Party and Get this Free!

What can you earn by hosting a party?

Catalog Hostess Gifts 

Here is a list of our current hostess gifts. You will notice they say for example, $500 + 2 datings. When you  reach that hostess level, you must have 2 people book and hold their party to receive these items. 

What type of party can I have?

1- In-home party. You can have an In-home party where you invite several of your friends. I come and demo a product, do a recipe, play some games and give away some free gifts and just have FUN!

2- Catalog Party. You'll receive a packet with catalogs, fliers, order blanks and you simply show to your friends, take orders for two weeks. You'll earn hosts credits just as you do with an In-home party.

3- Facebook Party, The entire party takes place on Facebook where your friends can shop, play games and watch a live 30 min. party. You receive a packet to collect outside orders as well.

4- Catalog party combined with a Facebook Party- If you are on Facebook, we can set up an online event. I will send you a catalog packet to show local friends and we share the party online as well through Facebook. This party runs up to two weeks. With this party you can earn the Host credits and your friends can shop online. During the event I will share about the products, games and prizes. To know more about Facebook parties, follow me on Facebook here.

5- Bridal Shower. Here we have an In-home party and the Bride to Be makes her Wishlist. Family and friends will have the opportunity to purchase the desired items for the bride. We'll have a demo, along with a bridal game and give away some door prizes.

6- After Hours Party - Hold a party for your co-workers where I come by after business hours. Party will take about 30 min and I tell about what's on sale, do a drawing, answer questions and more.

What are some of the parties we can do?

Parties are so much fun when you do a theme party, we can do a Luau, a Flip-Flop party, Pasta Night, Meals in Minutes, Pantry Party, Coffee N Cake, Cookie party and more! We simply make recipes and games according to your party theme.    

How do I contact you?

So, you're ready to book that party and earn Free Tupperware and Half-Off items, Just use my form below to contact me and we will set your party up and have a great time!

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